Master Barber, Sheppard Daniels III, was born November 19, 1979 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sheppard’s interest in the art of grooming was apparent quite early in his life. At the age of five, he would often take a jar of hair grease and smear it all over his head, and he would shave each side of his head then proudly come to show his family his handy work. Another one of Sheppard’s early endeavors in this art was to put lathered soap on his great-grand father’s face, while his grand-father was sleeping in his rocking chair, then Sheppard would pretend to give him a shave with a butter knife. Little did his family know these cute and memorable incidents were the humble begins of an epic mission. As Sheppard got older he became even more persistent as to how he wanted his haircut. He and his mother remember the weekly fights about how he would get his haircut, and the fact that he wanted her to leave him at the barber shop and come back to pick him up latter.

In 2009, Sheppard earned his Barber degree from Proway Hair School in Stone Mountain, GA. He also holds a Barber Stylist Degree from Florida Barber Academy located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

As the Manager of Kutz Remix, Sheppard will continue to fulfill his mission to provide only the best barber experience in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. With the Lord as his guide and his family buy his side Sheppard will make a positive influence on his clients.

Jason has over 15 years of experience in the barber industry. He is a licensed Master Barber in two states and specializes in temple fades and razor lines.

Originally from the MD/DC area he and his family moved to the Atlanta area in 2010. Jason has a passion for customer service that is second to none.He is devoted to giving each and every client a great experience, not just "another hair cut".