Dreamed about for over 19 years, established in 2010 and opened in 2011, Kutz Remix Barber Shop is a living example that dreams do come true. We are conveniently located in the Horizon Village Shopping Center at 2885 Lawrenceville Suwanee Road, in the city of Suwanee.

Creating a friendly atmosphere with luxury and comfort, Kutz Remix Barber Shop prides itself in superior customer service, guaranteeing a satisfying visit every time. All of our barbers are critically picked and evaluated, as we require quality and hospitable service from each and every employee. This is how we are able to ensure that our customers walk out of our doors with an exceptional Kut, a gratifying smile, and pleasant experience; all while being entertained with the best music Mix in rotation to date.

We take pride in everything that we provide our customers with: from our specialty hairKuts, to cleanliness, and even honored appointments. Most of all we take pride in the way our customers feel when walking out of our shop. As the owners of Kutz Remix once did, we want to provide everyone with a starting place to DREAM BIG.

Thankful, Honored, and Blessed…….. Kutz Remix, the starting place for dreams to come true!

Entering the world on Wednesday, September 8, 1982, Travis A. Daniels was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida. As even a young man Travis was determined to be the best in all his endeavors as he was introduced to his first love (sports). His true potential was revealed in high school at South Broward as he began to excel in both basketball and football.

In 2001,Travis accepted a football scholarship with the Louisiana State University, Tigers. Very excited and enthusiastic to begin a new venture in life, Travis decided to focus on his future and his career. Working diligently at retrieving all that God had in store for his future, he began dreaming of being a professional football player. Because Travis put no limits on his dreams and aimed high, in 2005 the Miami Dolphins drafted Travis A. Daniels in the 4th round. While with the Dolphins he really did live out his childhood dreams by becoming a professional athlete. Continuing his career with the National Football League, in 2008 he was traded to the Cleveland Browns and in 2009 he was signed to the Kansas City Chiefs, where he is still playing currently.

With all the love and support from his family, he decided to explore another dream of becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. For years, Kutz Remix Barber Shop was just a mere thought and a simple vision. In 2011, Travis made yet another dream in his life come true with hard work and dedication he realized all dreams are possible.

Travis is a simple man with extraordinary goals, a businessman who is an exceptional role model to many. He is excited to see his dreams manifested and having the opportunity to inspire many by providing a starting place for all to DREAM BIG, makes it all worth it.

Thankful, Honored, and Blessed…….. Kutz Remix, the starting place for dreams to come true!